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Slugma Pokedoll Art by methuselah-alchemist
Slugma Pokedoll Art
A request for Pokedoll art of Slugma! Such a cutie!

Sometimes, the simpler guys like this are harder to do as Pokedoll art than the more complex Pokemon.
Roserade Pokedoll Art by methuselah-alchemist
Roserade Pokedoll Art
A request for Pokedoll art of Roserade!

Not my favorite, but she was fun to draw. Tiny chibi flowers.
Torterra Pokedoll Art by methuselah-alchemist
Torterra Pokedoll Art
A request of Pokedoll art for Torterra!

This guy was my starter 4th Gen, though I normally don't like Grass types as much as the others. But turtles!
Staraptor Pokedoll Art by methuselah-alchemist
Staraptor Pokedoll Art
A request for Pokedoll art of Staraptor!

Cute grumpy bird. I'd forgotten how much I like this guy.
Gengar Pokedoll Art Redesigned by methuselah-alchemist
Gengar Pokedoll Art Redesigned
A request for Pokedoll art of Gengar! Gengar's Pokedoll is cute, and I like the official art for it, but I changed the legs' connections because I think it looks more Pokedoll-ish this way.


Kaylyn G.
United States
My name's Kaylyn. I like anime and video games... Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite, closely followed by Pokemon. I also love The Lion King. :D

Current Residence: IL, USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
Shell of choice: Uhhh...Wartortle?
Skin of choice: ...Mine's pretty good, I guess. Covers my flesh nicely.
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric!!
Personal Quote: "It's better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness."
:star::star: Commission Status :star::star:
Not accepting commissions at this time!

:star: General Info :star:
So, first of all, I do take commissions-- for plush, digital art, or if you have any other ideas, lemme know! The prices vary depending on what you're wanting. If I'll need to buy supplies, then I generally request either half of the payment up front, or enough to cover the supply cost, and then the rest upon completion.

:star: Plush Commissions :star:
The price for a plush varies depending on what you want(I really only feel comfortable with Pokemon or other animal/creature characters), the size, and what kind of fabric you want used. The more complex, the more expensive it will be.

I prefer to use minky, or for huge plush, fleece may be an option.

Base prices are as follows:
-Beanie plush start at $35
-Pokedoll-sized (6 inch) plush start at $50
-larger plush (12 inch) start at $100

:star: Art Commissions :star:
I can do digital art, depending on what you want drawn. For most simple things, like Pokemon/other similar characters or animals, I could draw a few in a picture for around $5, colored how you want. (I can do flat colors, cell-shaded, or softer shaded edges. There's examples in my gallery of each.) For backgrounds, I can do simple stuff, or make it transparent. Or let me know what you want for that! I usually spend more attention to the foreground though, so my backgrounds are often simple.

I much prefer drawing animals to humans, so if you want a human character drawn, it'd be a bit more, or I might have to decline if I'm just not feeling like drawing them. Pokemon and chibi anything are always fun to do, though!

My Pokedoll art can not be commissioned, as I sell it as stickers and such. Feel free to request, though!

:star: Other Info :star:
:bulletorange: Payment :bulletorange:
I prefer Paypal, but will also take concealed cash at your own risk (provided you're in the US). I wouldn't recommend the latter for more expensive orders, though!

:bulletorange: Shipping :bulletorange:
If your item needs to be shipped, the buyer pays for the shipping. Feel free to ask for shipping quotes beforehand! I will always try to get the cheapest shipping price possible, though. International prices have gotten to be expensive, unfortunately. 

:bulletorange: Trades :bulletorange:
I may be interested in trades, but usually not, so please don't be offended if I turn you down. 

:bulletorange: Getting Ahold of Me :bulletorange:
If you want to contact me about anything, send me a Note! I'll try to respond as soon as possible. ^-^ If it's urgent, you can email me at any time. My address is

Thanks for reading!

Currently closed!
  • Listening to: The Lion King songs
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Drinking: Iced tea

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