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:star::star: Commission Status :star::star:
Not accepting commissions at this time!

:star: General Info :star:
So, first of all, I do take commissions-- for plush, digital art, or if you have any other ideas, lemme know! The prices vary depending on what you're wanting. If I'll need to buy supplies, then I generally request either half of the payment up front, or enough to cover the supply cost, and then the rest upon completion.

:star: Plush Commissions :star:
The price for a plush varies depending on what you want(I really only feel comfortable with Pokemon or other animal/creature characters), the size, and what kind of fabric you want used. The more complex, the more expensive it will be.

I prefer to use minky, or for huge plush, fleece may be an option.

Base prices are as follows:
-Beanie plush start at $35
-Pokedoll-sized (6 inch) plush start at $50
-larger plush (12 inch) start at $100

:star: Art Commissions :star:
I can do digital art, depending on what you want drawn. For most simple things, like Pokemon/other similar characters or animals, I could draw a few in a picture for around $5, colored how you want. (I can do flat colors, cell-shaded, or softer shaded edges. There's examples in my gallery of each.) For backgrounds, I can do simple stuff, or make it transparent. Or let me know what you want for that! I usually spend more attention to the foreground though, so my backgrounds are often simple.

I much prefer drawing animals to humans, so if you want a human character drawn, it'd be a bit more, or I might have to decline if I'm just not feeling like drawing them. Pokemon and chibi anything are always fun to do, though!

My Pokedoll art can not be commissioned, as I sell it as stickers and such. Feel free to request, though!

:star: Other Info :star:
:bulletorange: Payment :bulletorange:
I prefer Paypal, but will also take concealed cash at your own risk (provided you're in the US). I wouldn't recommend the latter for more expensive orders, though!

:bulletorange: Shipping :bulletorange:
If your item needs to be shipped, the buyer pays for the shipping. Feel free to ask for shipping quotes beforehand! I will always try to get the cheapest shipping price possible, though. International prices have gotten to be expensive, unfortunately. 

:bulletorange: Trades :bulletorange:
I may be interested in trades, but usually not, so please don't be offended if I turn you down. 

:bulletorange: Getting Ahold of Me :bulletorange:
If you want to contact me about anything, send me a Note! I'll try to respond as soon as possible. ^-^ If it's urgent, you can email me at any time. My address is

Thanks for reading!

Currently closed!
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Hello! As there's several people I've been regularly massaging and stuff, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be unable to get online for at least a few days. So I didn't just stop replying! XD

My grandma just had knee replacement surgery and is being sent home today, and I'm going to stay with her to help her out until she is able to handle stuff on her own. I don't know how long that'll be, but I'm guessing a few days at the very least. She doesn't have internet at her house, so I won't be able to reply to messages, check email, or place orders or anything until I get home. But I'll get to everything as soon as I get back! I didn't really have time to personally message everyone, so I hope anyone who this applies to sees this. lol

If for whatever reason its urgent to get ahold of me, I'm always signed into Yahoo IM on my phone, so feel free to message me there. My yahoo is (Not sure if you needed the at yahoo part, but yeah.) XD

Anyway, thanks, and I'll talk to everyone when I get back! (And write a proper journal, as my previous one was waaaay outdated. lol)
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Hello there! ^-^ Since HG/SS coming out last year and Black and White are fast approaching, I've been in a Pokemon-drawing mood even more than ever before. So I thought maybe people would like for me to draw some of their favorites for them, and possibly Pokesonas or Fakemon, too. And after discovering how freakin easy Paypal is, I thought maybe I could charge a little for some drawings something like these~
methuselah-alchemist.deviantar… methuselah-alchemist.deviantar… methuselah-alchemist.deviantar… methuselah-alchemist.deviantar… methuselah-alchemist.deviantar… methuselah-alchemist.deviantar…

I thought 5 USD seemed pretty good, maybe a bit more for more Pokemon/complexity. I'll color it in either the anime-like cell-shaded style, or the softer shading like I did in the Shiny Dogs and Mijumaru and Buizel pics. And I can do a simple background, leave it white, or make it transparent. ^-^

If anyone's interested, send me a Note! Thanks for reading!

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